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Raptors versus Hornets Thursday January 12th 2023 - Pregame

The Toronto Raptors hope to get their third win in a row tonight at Scotia Bank Arena

The Raptors, 18-23, are poised to make a statement tonight. After conquering the Hornets in commanding fashion on Tuesday 132-120, they're now eyeing their first three-game winning streak of the season. Indeed, this might be the time for Raptors to turn things around.

Buzzing with excitement, the Raptors have a huge opportunity to ride their recent high and gain momentum for the season. After their best 3-point shooting performances of the season with 20 from deep, it's all eyes on them for round two.

The energy in the court is palpable as they face off against opponents, hopeful but anxious. With each shot taken, the crowd goes wild — could this be the game that gives them the edge?

This squad wants nothing more than to get back into contention and win big; will this clash be just what they need? It’s down to inches as every attempt looks set to decide not only tonight’s game but something much bigger too — will they be able to keep the good vibes going? Only time will tell…

Raptors versus Hornets Thursday January 12th 2023 - Pregame

The Toronto Raptors hope to continue their hot shooting

Tuesday's game marked a pivotal moment in Toronto’s season. After weeks of unresolved shooting inconsistencies, the team seemed to blaze an impressive path back to form as they shot 45.5 percent from the 3-point range and 49.5 percent from the field.

Hope was ignited among fans as this daring performance could signify future success for the team. As absolute optimism is restored for Raptors' season, will Toronto regain its winning presence?

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Pascal and Gary will look to continue their dominance!

Siakam was just too much to handle for the Hornets Tuesday night. His lightning-quick crossovers and ability to dodge any double team made defence look more like a cat-and-mouse game. With every burst of energy and flurry of feints, Siakam was precisely stitching up the Jaden McDaniels' defence. Nothing could stop him now.

In one blistering quarter alone, he attacked the field with 14 points off 6 shots - But his assists lit up the crowd, creating space and opportunities for his teammates. Not just to score points but develop confidence in the team and be part of a positive movement.

Trent Jr. also lit up the Hornets Tuesday night, dropping 24 points and four three-pointers; he's making it look easy. The dynamic guard is on an impressive streak, making his mark once again for Toronto.

He looks to continue his run tonight, bringing yet another show-stopping performance to the court. With precision shooting and unstoppable energy, Trent Jr. has been a force to be reckoned with and will likely do the same tonight.

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Terry Rozier and LaMelo Ball have serious offensive firepower; Raptors need to watch out!

LaMelo Ball and Terry Rozier are dynamic. The Charlotte Hornets have a devastatingly powerful pair of guards who provide the team with relentless offensive aggression.

Rozier logged 33 points, while Ball produced a season-best of 14 assists to go along with 24 points, unleashing their full potential across the court.

The way they attack is versatile and intoxicating–they move synchronously, which confuses opponents and keeps defenders guessing their next moves. They make it look effortless yet highly effective–Raptors' defence experienced that Tuesday, and they need to do a better job of containing the dynamic duo.

It's worth mentioning that the Hornets shot the ball well Tuesday night. Fifteen triples in thirty-five attempts (42.9 percent) and an overall field goal percentage of 54.7 (47 from 86) are not enough to tilt the scales in their favour.

Strengthening Toronto's defence starts with the 3-point line. When the opposition's offence gets hot from beyond the arc, Raptors need to have an answer. Exerting pressure on ball handlers, closing out well when opposing players drive up for shots and showing a collective commitment to hustle on defence will be essential.

Attention must be paid to both sides of the court, too; this means denying passes into the Hornets’ wings, ensuring they don't get clean looks at open shots and paying attention to their screen action. Communication is key - better defensive communication will aid in staying organized as a unit and limit breakdowns that can lead to giving away easy points.

And while contesting three-pointers should be prioritized, so too should not sacrifice focus elsewhere. Maintaining proper positioning defensively on pick-and-rolls to prevent driving lanes for the dynamic duo of the Hornets should also be kept in mind.

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The Raptors haven't been good on the boards, but Tuesday, they showed that they could rebound with the best of them.

Anchoring deeper into key rebounding positions, the Raptors could be well on their way to climbing back up in the NBA rankings. On Tuesday, they made strides, recording an advantage of 49-34 over the Hornets and 18-6 in offensive rebounds. Those numbers are enough to make a difference across multiple quarters, and so it came as no surprise when this positivity shone through to the game's last few minutes.

Reinforcing that progress should be a priority now; Raptors' recent stats speak for themselves - the 28th-ranked rebounding team is not good enough; therefore, more of what was seen against the Hornets is needed. Every minute has a place in tonight's game; with sustained strength from every angle, there are even more chances for success.

Let's turn things around!

Embarking on a new journey, our raptors' come-back story begins anew. With uncertainties ahead, we can only guarantee the team's commitment to excellence.

Their energy and enthusiasm on match day gladden hearts, and no one can deny the sense of anticipation in the air. A determination courses through them as they take their place on the court and battle it out with courage and bravery.

No matter the outcome, they have each other and a passionate fan base from which to draw strength. The journey will be long but ultimately rewarding when they look back upon difficult odds beaten down.

It is more than just basketball, it is a tale of insurmountable dedication and resilience in search of victory!