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Raptors versus Kings Wednesday January 25th 2023 - Pregame

The Toronto Raptors will be taking on the extremely hot Sacramento Kings on the road tonight!

Tonight is a big night for the 21-27 Toronto Raptors. They are up against the 27-19 Sacramento Kings, who have recently been on a hot streak and will be out for blood. The Kings are making a name for themselves in the tough Western conference thanks to a duo of De'Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis. It's not just them, however. Toronto must keep an eye out for Trey Lyles, who just had a breakout game against Memphis on Monday and put up an impressive 24 points on 6-8 shooting from 3-point range. Lyles is here, and he's here to stay.

The stakes couldn't be higher for Toronto tonight; not only do they need this win to stay in the hunt for one of those playing spots, but their performance tonight could set the tone for the rest of the season. With so much uncertainty looming on their roster due to the upcoming trade deadline and possible changes in the roster, now is no time to let up or take anything lightly in this critical game versus Sacramento.

Raptors versus Kings Wednesday January 25th 2023 - Pregame

Toronto Raptors need the same recipe for success that brought them an incredible victory on Saturday.

After a big win against the New York Knicks and an impressive performance from Fred VanVleet with 28 points and Gary Trent Jr. with 24 points, the Raptors will be hoping for continued success tonight. Gary and Fred have been hot lately, and that needs to continue tonight on the road.

On Saturday, although the game was close in terms of scoring, Toronto managed to dominate other areas of the game. They shot 41 for 90 (45.6%) from the field, and 15 for 34 (43.8%) from 3-point range, while also converting 28 out of their 35 shots from the free throw line (80%). The team had an impressive 21 assists, and 12 steals in what proved to be a dominant offensive display.

Gary Trent Jr., in particular, has been on a hot streak beyond belief. Over his last 15 games, his 3-point shooting has reached a blistering 40.8%. That's an astounding figure, even for the sharpest shooter in the world.

Accuracy is paramount. But accuracy can't exist without a quality foundation. It all begins with one's fundamentals -- proper footwork and stances, positioning and preparation, elbow placement and release point— each plays a crucial part in achieving success on the court. Gary is doing that for us right now!

It's no surprise that Gary is tearing it up; putting in more time to refine his performance rather than just getting lucky makes all the difference in three-pointers.

And when your mechanics are on point, then comes confidence — knowing that your skills will come through for you when you need them most during crunch time or late-game heroics. You won’t be afraid to take the jump shot because you know what it takes to make it in the net every time. Through diligence, excellence isn't far away.

Raptors versus Kings Wednesday January 25th 2023 - Pregame

The Raptors will have their troubles against Domantas Sabonis down low!

The Raptors face a tough challenge ahead of them, especially when it comes to containing their opponents’ inside the game. Having someone like Sabonis on board means that they need to pay extra attention to keeping the paint closed off. Not only is he a two-time all-star, but his physicality alone can be a load to deal with.

Since the start of this season, the Raptors have faced difficulties in their defence as they have given up an average field goal percentage of 48.8%. In addition, opponents tend to accumulate 43.1 rebounds per game against them, putting them at 24th in the NBA for this particular statistic.

Three-point defence is not much better, as opponents have been making 37.4% of their three-pointers against the Raptors. These defensive struggles put them 12th in the league for points allowed per game, with 112.4 per matchup.

Something needs to change, as giving up 48.8% from the field and allowing opponents 37.4 from beyond the arc is not ideal and won't get you very far in today's NBA.

In addition, opponents have been able to rack up 1,238 assists while facing Toronto's defensive force - another bottom-ten stat across the league this season.

Now more than ever, the Toronto Raptors' defence must step up and effectively deal with surging  Kings and Domantas Sabonis - a true force down low in the paint who can physically control large portions of the court with his presence alone.

Raptors versus Kings Wednesday January 25th 2023 - Pregame

The moment of Truth is now!

The Toronto Raptors are entering a critical stage of the season. This seven-game road trip is set to decide the fate of this NBA season for the team. A strong performance here could mean success come to the trade deadline when moves are made to solidify the roster.

It's a pressure-filled path, yet one with immense possibility. But for those hopes of unparalleled triumphs to be reached, everyone in Raptor Nation must bring full attention when cheering on the squad.

This road trip stands as a make-or-break opportunity, and all eyes are on the Raptors as they take center stage. Every move and play will be judged under a microscope, so it's up to Toronto's sharpest minds to take full advantage of this chance at glory during this important stretch!

Unfortunately, OG Anunoby won't be able to join them in this game as he is listed as day-to-day with a sore right ankle, but despite his inability to contribute, the team still hopes to do well tonight.