Sunday, Oct 1, 2023

The Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi

The Toronto Raptors and Kawhi Leonard: Bringing Him Home

In 2019, the Toronto Raptors took a huge chance when they traded Demar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard, an MVP-level player recovering from multiple crippling injuries.

After all, they traded away a known commodity in Demar DeRozan, which meant the entire organization, from top to bottom, was taking a considerable risk. Kawhi Leonard was an unknown variable. He was recovering from multiple major injuries, and no one knew how he would fit in on the Raptors. It could have been a disaster, but instead, it became an incredible success story.

The Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi

The Raptors had to be bold. To step past failure and create something greater. To let go of what was familiar and embrace the possible. The leap of faith that led Kawhi Leonard to Toronto that autumn was a risky move but one filled with potential for greatness. Sometimes, taking a leap of faith can create great potential for success.

They put their trust in uncertainty and said “Yes” to the challenge of experiencing something truly remarkable. It’s never easy taking a risk, especially when the outcome is far from certain. But by eliminating the impossible, great things may still occur. You have to find success by trusting your intuition and taking risks.

The Raptors knew what they had to do: take a chance on an unknown force and use that concept of future-building as a building block for even more success down the line – no matter how big or small it might be — trusting that it will make all the difference if given enough inspired energy behind it.

The Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi

Let's not forget: the Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi.

It may be long forgotten, but Kawhi owes the Raptors nation as much as we owe him. After all, the Toronto Raptors brought Kawhi back to the NBA. The truth is that the Raptors did whatever it took, even if it meant trading away fan favourite "I am Toronto." Our coaching staff embraced unconventional methods, including load management and revolutionary recovery protocols. By using physical therapy, customized strength training and nutrition, along with rest and recuperation, the Raptors were able to bring Leonard back to peak performance.

The Toronto Raptors utilized unexpected tactics to bring back Kawhi Leonard's career and imbued it with renewed strength and potential. And it worked! Not only did Leonard have one of the greatest seasons of his career, but he went on to win an NBA championship for the Raptors, taking home MVP honours in the process.

The patience, diligence, and determination that went into Leonard's recovery are important reminders for all of us about the value of taking risks, especially ones that may seem unconventional initially. This bold decision ultimately cemented their legacy as champions, proving that great things come from those unafraid to act differently.

It's inspiring how far commitment to excellence can take you when implemented. The Raptors refused to accept a lesser state for their team and refused to settle for anything less than optimal performance from their superstar. This is how the Toronto Raptors showcased unwavering commitment to excellence and achieved ultimate greatness.

The Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi

Kawhi has not been the same ever since!!

Kawhi Learnord has not been the same since he left Toronto with a ring. Since carrying the Raptors past the 76ers, Bucks and Warriors, Leonard has had quite a few injuries in the last three years, missing 15 games in 2019-20, 20 games in 2020-21 and all of last season with a torn ACL. Considering playoff games, he has only played 145 out of a possible 291.

This begs the question: What has kept Kawhi Leonard from playing? Could something deep within him prevent him from participating in the regular season and post-season basketball more than anything else? Can we say that no physical ailments hinder his ability to compete at an elite level?

The truth might be more complex than any of us can imagine. From trying to win another championship to wanting complete control over where he plays, Kawhi's motivations may be too complicated for outsiders to understand at this juncture truly. You have to dive more profound than the media and unravel the complexities of a former NBA champion.

The Raptors did what Spurs wouldn't do for Kawhi

One can't begin to wonder what it could have been if Kawhi had stayed with Toronto Raptors.

We will never know! His departure sent shockwaves through the NBA, leaving fans, analysts and even team executives scratching their heads, wondering why the reigning Finals MVP had chosen to turn his back on a championship contender, how to make an informed decision when the whole world is asking why.

Many speculated about what might have been if he’d stayed in a situation that could have produced unparalleled success in his career.

Would he have been able to maintain dominance over the competition?

Could he have earned even more rings or MVPs while playing with a talented supporting cast such as Kyle Lowry, Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka and so on?

It's hard to say what could have come of this potential superteam.

What is certain, though, is that Kawhi made his own decision, and it proved to be a winning move for the Raptors in the end.