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The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

We have a Big Three That Can Win.

Winning a championship doesn’t come easy — it takes a team effort. The Raptors have what it takes in the “big three” of Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby and Fred VanVleet. They are the reason why the Raptors should remain hopeful and continue on building towards another NBA championship around the big three.

This trio shares synergy on the court, with VanVleet performing as an excellent playmaker, Anunoby playing tenacious defense, and Siakam leading the way as a strong all-around scorer. Their willingness to work together provides a platform for creating new stars out of young prospects coming through the ranks of Toronto's farm system while building upon existing strengths. Only when each role is filled properly can we see teams achieve sustained success — something the raptors' big three are dedicated to achieving once again.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

Now that the 6-game losing streak is behind us and Nick Nurse has gotten his 200 wins with the franchise, we can start thinking about greater things in the NBA.

Acknowledge that there is an elevated sense of ambition growing after the game last night. Believe in a winning mentality where everyone is pointing collectively in one direction. This can be achieved by setting higher goals and forging forward in their journey without distractions or complacency.

Encompass greatness by living and breathing the pursuit of excellence - continuously striving for bigger and better things, finding creative solutions when faced with adversity. Lead by example, build trust through accountability and escalate to greater heights overnight with hard work and dedication. Capture hearts everywhere with a dynamic drive for success from within, an inspiring story that future generations can look back on fondly whenever doubt creeps in during dark times ahead.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

Pascal Siakam is a true top 5 player in the NBA!

The Toronto Raptors have a true superstar on their hands in Pascal Siakam. He's been showing us throughout the season that he is one of the best players in the entire NBA and is more than capable of leading a team to success.

Siakam is firmly in his prime, meaning he has even more potential to reach new heights. He should be the centrepiece of any plans for building up the Raptors' roster and surrounding him with ready-to-win pieces would go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Siakam scored 90+ points over two games, which shows how important he is to the team and how much they rely on him if they want to win. That alone solidifies Siakam as a top 5 player and shows Toronto why they should continue to build around him for maximum success.

Siakam has shown maturity in his play and has become a more dynamic scorer — something every championship-calibre team needs in order to be successful.

Evolution is at the heart of success, and Siakam clearly has it down to a science. He is no longer just an efficient scorer, but rather a dynamic one; at an entirely different level than ever before. His growth in this area has been nothing short of remarkable, making him the perfect candidate for any championship-level team.

Excellence may be an overused buzzword, but that's exactly what Siakam brings to the table. As he continues to grow as a player, it's undeniable that teams should look to capitalize on his maturity and drive for competition. Basketball will never be the same once you have someone like Siakam in your lineup — continuously pushing boundaries and setting new records with each impressive play.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

Anonuby is the best defender in the NBA right now.

Anunoby had another impressive night despite a rough night shooting from three-point range. He made some timely plays that were key factors in extending the Raptor's lead, like jumping passing lanes for breakaway dunks, winning a jump ball battle against a seven-footer in Mitchell Robinson, smothering an inbound pass receiver and forcing a long pass that sailed out of bounds, as well as two offensive rebounds in the fourth quarter.

But most importantly, even if it wasn't his best defensive outing, Anunoby came up with the biggest play of all at the very end - the block and save! With his excellent one-on-one defence skills and hustle on both ends of the court, it's easy to see why OG Anunoby is considered one of the best defenders in the NBA right now.

His ability to close out one-on-one has been impressive, thwarting would-be game-tying shots in do-or-die moments. This is ultimately why Anunoby has grown into one of the most formidable defensive players in the NBA; his agility and anticipation constantly provide timely answers for opponents' offensive strategies.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

Anunoby's contributions can't be overlooked. He sets the tone defensively, and his ability to shut down the other team's best player is invaluable. He is everywhere: disrupting passes, blocking shots, stealing balls and having active hands. His length and hustle constantly frustrate opponents trying to create offence.

In addition to providing rim protection, Anunoby quickly rotates off his man to help clog passing lanes and contest hopefuls shots. His versatility allows him to be deployed at multiple positions throughout the game, creating matchup headaches for the opposition.

Anunoby impacts nearly every possession with point-saving plays. He is an integral part of a successful defence, tossing an unsung blanket of protection over adhering areas by doing extra work that stats can't always quantify.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

Raptors can always count on Mr. "ben on yourself" to come through in the clutch.

Steady Fred has always been a clutch shooter for the Raptors. Even though he had an up-and-down game last night, VanVleet still managed to hit the biggest shot of the night to secure Toronto's victory.

On what could have been one of the most important sequences of their victory over New York, Anunoby blocked R.J Barrett and dove out of bounds so Siakam could gain control of the ball in a crowd - it was Fred VanVleet who was open and ready. He didn't even hesitate to knock in three points which stretched Toronto's lead by four - a pretty significant number that eventually led them to take home their win.

Legendary. That's the only word you can use to describe Fred VanVleet when it comes to tough shot-making. He's fearless and unflappable in the face of daunting pressure and adversity, delivering the desperately needed shots with calm composure and precision accuracy.

The Big Three: Why the Raptors Should Be Hopeful

No matter the situation, VanVleet always has his head in the game as he brings confidence even during times of crisis. His remarkable poise under immense pressure sets him apart, giving his team the jolt of positivity they need exactly when it's most needed.

Dynamic, VanVleet brings a steady performance and claims the spotlight when the occasion demands it. His basketball intelligence consistently produces high point yields during his playtime off the bench. He plays with an abundance of confidence and energy - always giving it his all.