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Pascal almost dropped a 50-point triple-double 

Pascal Siakam: A Show Of Determination

Last night, Pascal Siakam almost achieved a historic milestone at Madison Square Garden in New York City when he was only one rebound and three assists away from registering 50+ points - 10 rebounds - 10 assists. It is as impressive as it gets.

Achieving something almost never seen before at Madison Square Garden, Pascal Siakam was close to writing his name into the record books.

Pascal almost dropped a 50-point triple-double 

His skill was beyond compare. He didn't need to find any sort of "zone" as he scored one shot after another with unparalleled mental toughness and diligence. Instead, his cool confidence emanated from an earnest awareness of the task at hand and a mature sense of calmness. All the pressure others felt evaporated around him as his concentration rose steadily in even moments of chaos. Unfazed, he simply trusted in his abilities and will, saw things how they needed to be seen and moved quickly while still remaining composed and collected. How a simple yet powerful blend of confidence and diligence can help you rise above any situation and excel beyond expectation.

The magic behind Siakam's record-breaker performance

The power lies in his meticulously curated training plan. He pushes himself to the limit with a carefully designed and thought-out practice routine that has become second nature. This diligence in preparation and skill development enables him to emerge victorious on the court.

Furthermore, he is even more electrifying off-court, as his inspiring story of youth in Cameroon to becoming one of the most celebrated athletes - reminds us of the strength and resilience within an individual when motivated by ambition and determination. This is why ambition and determination can turn a vision into an incredible reality.

Pascal almost dropped a 50-point triple-double 

Siakam's undeniable drive for success couples perfectly with his charismatic attitude, leaving opponents too mesmerized to retaliate accurately during games. Every dribble is full of energy and vigour, showing us all that it feels like when heart-pumping enthusiasm translates into its peak performance at Madison Square Garden - a place where ringing applause follows each speechless dunk made. No wonder this remarkable feat will never be forgotten––nor should it ever be!

Pascal Siakam showed us what can be achieved by pushing past pressure. He smoothly navigated the court, attacking Julius Randle off the dribble and remaining accurate and precise in his shooting. His seven assists not only reinforced his scoring prowess but showed that he had his eye on every move, understanding all angles of the game with masterful finesse.

Pascal almost dropped a 50-point triple-double 

It serves as a reminder of what Pascal, or any player for that matter, can achieve if driven by ambition and willingness to take risks. With this performance, he illustrates how anyone can succeed when no fear exists inside them- regardless of who the adversary may be. All athletes should adopt this determination across the board as its value cannot be underestimated when facing obstacles on their journey towards excellence.

How sweet it is! Embracing an unyielding attitude toward life can guarantee success in any sport, regardless of the challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Beloved Toronto Raptors 

What does "We The North” actually mean?

The Toronto Raptors use the anthem "We The North", also known as We The North Nation. It was composed by Drake and Noah "40" Shebib.

Drake wrote the song while staying at his friend's apartment in Toronto. He recorded Take Care with KanyeWest, another artist. Drake decided to create lyrics about his hometown, while he was there. Drake wanted the song to represent all Canadians. It is about unity, pride, hope.

Drake began working on the melody to We The North in London, when he was filming the video for "Nice For What". The instrumental version of the song was recorded in one take.

Drake was writing the lyrics to the song, but 40 came up with the chorus. Drake was inspired by the hook and asked for permission to record it. They worked together to create the final product.

The official music clip for "We The North Anthem", released on October 5, 2018, was made public. It featured Shawn Mendes, Canadian singer-songwriter and Drake performing with other musicians.

What number of all-stars has Toronto Raptors had?

Eight All-Stars from the Raptors include Vince Carter, Antonio Davis, Chris Bosh, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet. Out of these players creating this impressive All-Star team lineup, except Davis and VanVleet, they have all made other NBA teams, such as Leonard, into the All-NBA Defensive team.

When was the Raptors’ first game?

The Raptors' first regular season was played at the SkyDome against the New Jersey Nets, November 3, 1995. Alvin Robertson scored the first point in franchise history, drawing 33,306 spectators. The Raptors defeated Nets 94-79% with contributions from Damon Stoudamire (with 10 points and 10 assists) as well Robertson (30pts).

What was the Raptors' greatest year?

The 2019 NBA Championship season was the Toronto Raptors best year. It was a thrilling and memorable season for the Raptors, marking the first time they won an NBA Championship in franchise history. The team posted a 58-24 record during the regular season, with Kawhi Leonard named Finals MVP. They defeated the Golden State Warriors 6-1 to claim the title.

In 2013, the Toronto Raptors changed their front office, replacing then-general manager Bryan Colangelo with Masai Ujiri. This was a major change for the franchise, and would lead to a new era that would see them one of the most successful teams in the NBA.

The Raptors under Ujiri enjoyed a resurgence and reached the playoffs in 2014. This was their first playoff appearance since 2008. They've won five division titles and had their best season yet in 2018. Ujiri also made an unorthodox but successful trade in that year, sending DeMar DeRozan and Kawhi Leonard to the San Antonio Spurs.

The Raptors had a great year in 2019, winning their first conference title and making it to the NBA Finals for the first time. In total, they beat the Golden State Warriors six times.

Ujiri's tenure with the Raptors has been a resounding success, and he should be credited with changing the team's fortunes. The Raptors are one of the top teams in the NBA thanks to his leadership and appear poised to remain contenders for many more years.

The 2019 Raptors championship season will always be remembered as one among the best in their history.

Ujiri should and will continue to be focused on building a winning culture which supports the players and staff as we move forward. This team's future is bright if they continue to strive for excellence. The 2019 championship season has set the bar for Toronto Raptors, and it's up to Ujiri and his team to continue building on this success.

Did Vancouver have an NBA team?

Vancouver doesn't have a NBA franchise. The Vancouver Grizzlies played in Vancouver from 1995-2001. The team relocated to Memphis Tennessee in 2001. Vancouver is home to the Toronto Raptors, the local NBA team. Additionally, there are other professional basketball clubs that play in the Greater Vancouver Area. These include the BC Tigers from the Canadian Elite Basketball League as well as the Vancouver Volcanoes from the International Basketball League. A number of amateur and semiprofessional teams participate in various local leagues.

Vancouver offers many recreational options for fans to enjoy their favorite sport, aside from basketball. Vancouver Grizzlies Alumni Association is a group that aims at connecting former players with one another and raising awareness about basketball in British Columbia. They host clinics for young players and offer viewing parties for Raptors games.

The city's passion for basketball has not diminished after the departure of the Grizzlies. It continues to support the sport in many ways. Vancouverites continue to show their passion for basketball by attending local games, watching Raptors games and supporting the many initiatives undertaken by former players and other organizations working to spread awareness about basketball within the city.

What is the name for the Toronto Raptors' mascot, the Toronto Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors are a NBA franchise which was established in 1995. They play their games at Scotiabank Arena.

The Raptors' mascot is Raptor, a giant red dinosaur. Raptor was introduced to the Raptors in 1995. He entertains fans at home with his acrobatics, slam-dunks, and other tricks. He also makes appearances throughout Toronto, participating in charity events and community initiatives. He was awarded the NBA Mascot of the year award in 2019 for his many years of dedication to the Raptors. Raptor is an iconic figure in Toronto and the NBA. He is one of the most well-known mascots in professional sport. He is also an internationally recognized symbol of Canada’s basketball fandom.

Many share Raptor’s enthusiasm and love for the team and its fans across the nation. Raptor was the Raptors' most prominent leader and they won their first NBA championship in 2019. This was a landmark moment for basketball fans in Canada and Toronto. Raptor continues being a source to pride for all Raptors. Raptors pride is guaranteed to continue as long as the Raptors are around. Long live the Raptor. Go, Toronto Raptors!


  • Thomas named Raptors' GM NBA superstar to have 10% stake in the new franchise". (
  • As predicted by analysts, the team easily secured a berth in the 2001 NBA playoffs with a franchise-high 47 wins. (
  • In November of the 1996–97 season, Bitove sold his ownership interest in the team to Slaight for $65 million after Slaight had activated a shotgun clause in their partnership agreement,[32][33] giving Slaight 79 percent control of the team, [34] (
  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (

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