Wednesday, Feb 28, 2024

OG for Defensive player of the year

OG Anunoby Has A Real Shot Of Winning The Defensive Player Of The Year

OG Anunoby has been impressive so far and has the potential to win Defensive Player of the Year. Without true shot blockers on the Raptors' roster, OG is taking on a lot of responsibility on defense, and he's doing it well. He currently leads the NBA in steals with 2.5 steals per game.

OG Anunoby Stat:

Points - 18.8 per game

Steals - 2.5 per game

Rebounds - 6.2 per game

Bloccks - 0.9 per game

His ability to switch onto any player on defense allows the Raptors to switch more often and not get caught in mismatches. His defensive technique, particularly his footwork, is top-notch, and he can stay in front of all types of players. He has a knack for bouncing off screens and keeping up with guards, no matter how fast they are. He's also remarkably quick on his feet, allowing him to rotate quickly and close out shots.

OG plays with force

OG's physical strength is not the only thing that makes him a great defender; his anticipation and ability to read plays make him such a threat on defence. What's also so impressive is that he's getting these numbers against the other team's best players. He anticipates their moves perfectly and reacts quickly enough to stop them from getting off shots or drives. His physicality helps him get those steals sometimes!

If OG Anunoby is going to win Defensive Player of the Year, he will have to keep up these impressive numbers. He already has a great shot at winning the award early in the season, and there's no reason he can't continue this strong play all season long. The Raptors are a defensive force to be reckoned with, ranking 13th in defensive rating and 6th in blocks per game. They're also leading the league in steals per game, with an impressive 10.4 steals per game on average. With the current roster, the Raptors' defensive rating should improve and rank higher on the list before the end of the season. One interesting stat is that the Raptors are fifth in the NBA in defended field goal percentage.

This means that OG will have plenty of opportunities to rack up stats and help his team win games.