Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024

Fred VanVleet needs to start making shots

"Struggles Shared- Coach Nurse's Plea For Open Shots"

It's been a rough season so far for Toronto Raptors forward Fred VanVleet. He has struggled mightily from the field, shooting just 35.7% from the field and 34% from three-point range through 24 games. It's not just his shooting that's been poor, but his overall play as well. Coach Nick Nurse has spoken out on VanVleet's struggles, noting that Fred and OG need to start making their 3s. "We've got to get some of our guys going," Nurse said. "Fred and OG, we need them to make some shots."

Fred VanVleet needs to start making shots

"Van Vleet's Struggling Shot".

As Nick Nurse noted recently, Fred Van Vleet's jump shot accuracy has suffered, especially when it comes to missing left-to-right movement on his shots. This has caused him problems in terms of creating opportunities for his team and making contributions on offence. NBA scouts have also noticed that his shooting mechanics are off-kilter, which may contribute to his low three-point percentage this year. Fred is supposed to be our best 3-point shooter, but his shot accuracy needs to improve if the Raptors are going to remain competitive.

In addition, Fred Van Vleet has mentioned feeling ill and banged up, which could affect his performance going forward. He also mentioned feeling burdened by expectations which might affect how he plays – particularly when it comes to taking care of the ball and not forcing things offensively. It's unclear at this point what can be done to help Fred Van Vleet improve his shooting percentage, but there is room for concern given how things are currently going for Toronto Raptors fans.

Fred VanVleet needs to start making shots

Many people wonder why Fred's shooting has gone down this year, and a few possible explanations exist. One theory is that his jump shot has taken a hit due to defensive pressure. Remember, he was an All-Star for the Toronto Raptors last season. Despite all of the defenders clogging up the lane, he could still knock down shots at a high rate because he had a reliable shot off the dribble. However, his jump shot this year seems weaker when defenses press him in the paint.

The other possible explanation might have to do with fatigue and the feeling of being overwhelmed by expectations. As mentioned before, Fred has remarked on feeling ill and banged up, so it's possible that his body isn't responding to the demands of playing a full NBA season. Regardless of the reason, one thing is certain: Fred VanVleet must find his form quickly if the Raptors are to stay competitive.

The bottom line is knocking down "open shots" is essential for Fred VanVleet, and the Raptors need him to step up and make those shots. Coach Nurse is right in his plea for open shots; this could be what propels the Raptors forward with their season. Whether it's shot mechanics or feeling overwhelmed by expectations, all that matters at this point is getting Fred back to his All-Star form.