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Toronto Raptors Media Availability | March 17, 2023

Head Coach Nick Nurse and Gary Trent Jr. speak with the media following Friday's practice. #Raptors #torontoraptors 00:00 - Nick Nurse13:42 - Gary..

Toronto Raptors Media Availability | March 17, 2023

Head Coach Nick Nurse and Gary Trent Jr. speak with the media following Friday's practice. #Raptors #torontoraptors

00:00 - Nick Nurse
13:42 - Gary Trent Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Toronto Raptors called Raptors?

The NBA's expansion to Canada saw the creation of the Toronto Raptors in 1995. The team's name and logo were inspired by the film Jurassic Park, released that same year. The team colours are bright red, purple, black, and silver.

The Raptors were struggling to establish themselves in the league during their first season. They ended up with a record 21-61. They improved every year, and in 1999 they were ready to make their first playoff appearance.

The Raptors' most memorable moment came in 2019 when they won their first NBA championship title. Led by the backcourt duo of Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard, Toronto won their first championship in a thrilling six-game series against the Golden State Warriors.

The Raptors have been a beloved team in Canada since then. Toronto continues bringing excitement to basketball fans across the world with its international superstars as well as local talent.

The Toronto Raptors are a proud part of Canada's basketball heritage, and their success on the court inspires young athletes around the country. They will remain one of Canada's most loved teams with their passionate fans, their unique style of play and commitment to excellence.

Vancouver had an NBA team.

Vancouver does NOT have a NBA team. The city had the Vancouver Grizzlies from 1995-2001, but the team relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, in 2001. Vancouver's basketball fans now support the Toronto Raptors. They are the closest NBA franchise to the city. Other professional basketball teams also play in the Greater Vancouver Area such as the BC Tigers, Canadian Elite Basketball League, and Vancouver Volcanoes, International Basketball League. A number of amateur and semiprofessional teams participate in various local leagues.

Aside from playing basketball, there are many other recreational outlets for fans in Vancouver to connect with their favourite sport. Vancouver Grizzlies Alumni Association aims to help former players connect with each other, and raise awareness about the game in British Columbia. The association hosts clinics and viewing parties for Raptors matches.

The city's passion for basketball has not diminished after the departure of the Grizzlies. It continues to support the sport in many ways. Vancouverites continue to share their passion for basketball through attending games, watching Raptors games, and supporting the many initiatives taken by former players as well as other organizations working to increase awareness about basketball in the area.

When was the Raptors' inaugural game?

On November 3, 1995, the Raptors played their first regular season against the New Jersey Nets at the SkyDome. Alvin Robertson scored the franchise's first points with 33,306 supporters in attendance. The Raptors defeated the Nets 94-79 with contributions from Damon Stoudamire (10 points and 10 assists) and Robertson (30 pts).

How did the Raptors win 2019's NBA title?

DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors), Jakob Poltl as well as a protected 2019 first round draft pick were traded to the San Antonio Spurs by the Toronto Raptors on July 18, 2018.

The Raptors traded Jonas Valanciunas and Delon Wright C.J. on February 7, 2019. Miles, along with a 2024 second-round selection draft pick to Memphis Grizzlies for Marc Gasol--another multi-All-Star and former defensive player of the year--and signed Jeremy Lin shortly afterwards.

The Toronto Raptors had a very eventful offseason, making two big trades that sent shockwaves through the NBA. The Raptors first traded DeMar DeRozan, Jakob Poltl, and a 2019 first-round draft pick (that was protected) to the San Antonio Spurs. They received Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs in exchange. Then, Jonas Valanciunas was traded to the Spurs in exchange for Delon Wright C. J. Miles, along with a 2024 second-round selection to the Memphis Grizzlies, were traded to Marc Gasol--another All-Star and former Defender of the Year. These moves put the Raptors in a great position to compete for an NBA title this season. Let's have a closer look at each trade.

The trade for Kawhi Leonard was a risk-reward move for the Raptors. Leonard is a top-5 league player when healthy and coming off a MVP-caliber season. On the other hand, he only played 9 games last season due to injury, and there are questions about his long-term health. The Raptors decided the reward was worth taking the chance and signed the deal. Leonard has been playing at an All Star level and is currently in good health. Leonard is averaging 26 point, 8 rebounds and 3 assists per contest while shooting 49% from 3-point range and 38% from the field. If he can keep his health, he will give the Raptors a real shot at winning the NBA title.

Marc Gasol's trade for Gasol was more of an immediate move than anything else. Gasol is in his mid-30s and is clearly past his prime. But, he's still a good player that brings valuable experience and talent to the young Raptors. He is averaging 15 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists per game while shooting 45% from the field and 34% from three-point range. C.J. and Delon Wright were both young assets that the Raptors had to give up. Miles was able to purchase Gasol, but the Raptors feel his experience is invaluable when it comes time for playoffs.

The Raptors began the season strong with a 6-0 win. They broke the franchise record for winning 16 consecutive games, which was set by a record 16-4 record. On November 23, the Raptors won their 24th game against Cleveland Cavaliers. They also reached 20 wins faster than any other time in their history. The Raptors were cautious with Leonard, resting him for more than 20 games throughout the season to prevent worsening his previous injury. The Raptors still managed to capture the 2nd East seed, trailing only behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Raptors were able to continue their winning streak in the playoffs by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers (Orlando Magic), Milwaukee Bucks (Milwaukee Bucks) to reach the NBA Finals. Leonard was named Finals Champion and the Raptors took home their first title.

The Toronto Raptors had a great offseason. The Raptors will be contenders for many years with two All-Stars. They have demonstrated that they can make bold moves and take risks if it means putting together a championship-calibre team. It will interesting to see if their success continues in the future.

Which was the first season of the Toronto Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors won just 21 games during their debut season. The 1995-1996 Toronto Raptors season was the inaugural season of the Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Raptors joined the league as one of two expansions teams, along with Vancouver Grizzlies. It was also the first NBA season played outside the United States.

Isiah THOMAS, an All Star point guard from the Detroit Pistons, became the General Manager. He assisted with the draft which resulted Damon Stoudamire who would go on win Rookie Of The Year. In separate trades, they also acquired Tracy Murray as well as Oliver Miller. Thomas also introduced a brand new primary logo, featuring a play by basketball dinosaur and new pinstripe jerseys with the logo. The Raptors also added red and purple to their color scheme.

Brendan Malone, new head coach for the Raptors, made his debut on November 3 against the New Jersey Nets at SkyDome. The Raptors lost their next seven contests.

Murray was second on the team for scoring, with an average of 16.2 points per contest. He also led the team by scoring 151 three-point field goal attempts during that season. Miller was the team's leading scorer with 12.9 points and 7.4 boards, 1.4 steals and 1.9 block per game. Robertson had 9.3 points and 4.4rebounds as well as four assists and two steals each game.

Despite having the worst attendance record in the league they still managed to attract over 17283 fans per match at SkyDome (now Rogers Centre).

What was the Raptors' greatest year?

The 2019 championship season was Toronto Raptors’ best year. It was a memorable and thrilling season for the Raptors. This was their first ever NBA Championship. Kawhi Leonard was named Finals Champion after a team record of 58-24. They defeated the Golden State Warriors 6-1 to claim the title.

The Toronto Raptors made a change in 2013 when they replaced Bryan Colangelo (then general manager) with Masai Ujiri. This was a major change for the franchise, and would lead to a new era that would see them one of the most successful teams in the NBA.

The Raptors experienced a revival under Ujiri. They reached the playoffs for the first-time since 2008, and were back in the top five Divisions. They've won five Division titles since then and had their best regular season in 2018. Ujiri made a risky trade for Kawhi Leonard that resulted in DeMar DeRozan being traded to the San Antonio Spurs.

The Raptors had an incredible 2019, winning their first conference championship, and reaching the NBA finals. They conquered the Golden State Warriors in a total of six games.

Ujiri's tenure with the Raptors has been a resounding success, and he should be credited with changing the team's fortunes. He has led the Raptors to become one of NBA's best teams and looks poised for continued success.

The 2019 championship season is certain to be one of the most memorable in Raptors' history.

As we advance, Ujiri and the rest of the Toronto Raptors organization should remain focused on creating a winning culture that supports their players and staff. With continued dedication to excellence, the future looks bright for this team. The 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship season has set a high bar, and Ujiri and his teammates must build on this success.


  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (
  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • In November of the 1996–97 season, Bitove sold his ownership interest in the team to Slaight for $65 million after Slaight had activated a shotgun clause in their partnership agreement,[32][33] giving Slaight 79 percent control of the team, [34] (
  • Thomas named Raptors' GM NBA superstar to have 10% stake in the new franchise". (
  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (

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Best time to visit a Toronto Raptors game

Toronto Raptors games typically take place on weekdays between April and October. Weekends are often reserved in advance for concerts and festivals.

Book tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday is the most common day to attend a Toronto Raptors team game. This is due to the fact that many fans arrive early in order to view pregame warmups.

After the game, fans head over to Nathan Phillips Square, next door to the ACC. They stay there through the end.

A Toronto Raptor game at 8 pm is the best time. Fans leave the stadium before midnight but return to celebrate the team's victory.

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