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Raptors guard VanVleet fined by NBA for public criticism of officiating

Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet has been handed a US$30,000 fine for public criticism of the officiating, the league announced on Thursday. ..

Raptors guard VanVleet fined by NBA for public criticism of officiating

Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet has been handed a US$30,000 fine for public criticism of the officiating, the league announced on Thursday.

Toronto Raptors guard Fred VanVleet has been handed a US$30,000 fine for public criticism of the officiating, the league announced on Thursday.

VanVleet made a series of comments following the Raptors' 108-100 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night.

The 29-year-old also singled out official Ben Taylor in his post-game remarks, which consisted of several expletives.

The Raptors next play the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday to close out a five-game road trip.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 9, 2023.

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Title: Raptors guard VanVleet fined by NBA for public criticism of officiating
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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Toronto Raptors' first season?

The Toronto Raptors had a terrible debut season, winning only 21 games. The 1995-1996 Toronto Raptors season marked the beginning of the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Toronto Raptors. The Raptors joined the league as one of two expansions teams, along with Vancouver Grizzlies. It was also the first NBA season played outside the United States.

Isiah, an All-Star point guard who is also a Detroit Pistons legend, was appointed the team's General manager. He helped draft Damon Stoudamire to be named Rookie and Year. They also acquired Tracy Murray and Oliver Miller in separate trades. Thomas also introduced a new primary logo of a dinosaur playing basketball and new pinstripe uniforms with the logo on the front of their jerseys. The Raptors added purple and red to their color scheme.

Brendan Malone became the Raptors head coach on November 3. They beat the New Jersey Nets at SkyDome to win their debut. But they lost the next seven games.

Murray finished second on team scoring, averaging 16.2 point per game. He was also the leader with 151 3-point field goals. Miller scored 12.9 points, had 7.4 rebound, 1.4 steals and 1.9 block per game. Robertson added 9.3 point, 4.4 rebound, four assists, and two steals per night from the bench.

Despite having one among the worst records, attendance was good. They averaged more than 17283 fans per SkyDome (now Rogers Centre).

Why did NBA leave Vancouver?

NBA left Vancouver after a dispute regarding arena financing. The City was expected to contribute $40m towards the construction of a brand new basketball arena. It would include 12 luxury suites along with two restaurants, bars, and a hotel. To pay down existing debt, the City Council wanted the $60 million taxpayer money that the City Council would give to the team owner. This meant that the city would have had to borrow $200m in order to build the arena. While the team owners had only to pay $20 million, this was a huge difference. This would leave the city's taxpayers responsible for the repayment of the remaining loan.

The City Council stated that they would be open to the plan if the NBA agreed not to leave Rogers Arena until the new facility opens. But the league refused, saying that the arena wasn’t large enough. They were not interested in playing there anymore, as it was too small. They felt asking them to continue playing in a smaller venue was unfair when they weren't getting any extra revenue.

The City Council requested financial assistance from the province in return. While the province provided $150 million for the project, the City Council required another $100 million. The City decided to focus its efforts on building a new downtown arena and dropped its plans.

What is the name for the Toronto Raptors' mascot, the Toronto Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors were founded in 1995 as an NBA team. They play their games at Scotiabank Arena.

Raptor is the Raptors' giant red dinosaur mascot. Raptor first appeared in 1995. He also participates in community and charity events all over Toronto. In 2019, he received the NBA Mascot of the Year award for his many years of service to the Raptors organization. Raptor has become a familiar figure in Toronto as well around the NBA. He is also an internationally recognized symbol of Canada’s basketball fandom.

Many share Raptor’s enthusiasm and love for the team and its fans across the nation. Raptor is the Raptors' leader, and they have been one of most successful NBA teams since winning their first championship in 2019. This win was a significant milestone for basketball fans across Canada and Toronto. Raptor continues being a source to pride for all Raptors. Raptors pride is guaranteed to continue as long as the Raptors are around. Long live the Raptor! Go, Toronto Raptors!

Was Vancouver home to an NBA team?

No, Vancouver does not have an NBA team. The Vancouver Grizzlies were the city's basketball team from 1995 to 2001. In 2001, they moved to Memphis Tennessee. Now, basketball enthusiasts in Vancouver support the Toronto Raptors as they are the closest NBA team to the area. There are also other professional basketball teams that play in and around Vancouver, including the BC Tigers of Canada's Elite Basketball League and Vancouver Volcanoes International Basketball League. Many amateur and semiprofessional teams play in different local leagues.

Vancouver offers many recreational options for fans to enjoy their favorite sport, aside from basketball. Vancouver Grizzlies Alumni Association aims for former players to get together and promote basketball in British Columbia. They host clinics for young players and offer viewing parties for Raptors games.

The city's love for basketball has not diminished since the departure of the Grizzlies, and it remains a community that supports the sport in myriad ways. Vancouverites still love basketball, and they continue to support former players and other organizations who work to promote the sport within the city.

How many years has the Raptors been around?

Toronto Raptors is an NBA franchise that is located in Toronto, Ontario. In 1995, the NBA added the Raptors to its expansion roster along with the Vancouver Grizzlies. The Grizzlies relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, in 2001-02, making the Raptors the only Canadian-based team in the NBA.

Toronto Raptors players Scotiabank Arena for their home games. The city's NHL team also uses the arena, the Maple Leafs. Since their inception, the Raptors have been in the NBA playoffs 13 different times. They lost 6 games to Philadelphia 76ers in round one of the playoffs in 2021.

1999-2000 saw the Raptors make their first playoff appearance. The Raptors were swept in round one by New York Knicks, their division rivals.

The fans were few and far between, and the team wasn't too exciting either. There was nothing to root for or watch, and no one knew why anyone cared. The team finally decided to change their image after years of mediocrity and made every effort to appeal to the public.

The team hired an agency to create a marketing strategy that would bring them national fame in 2001. They created a slogan that screamed "Hear me roar!"

The slogan was used to promote the fact the games were sold out. The only thing they needed was a catchy phrase, and a great logo. This is where agency's creative genius shines. They combined the phrase "hear us roar" with another popular saying, "never say die." This became the official motto of the Toronto Raptors.

How many NBA teams are there in Canada?

The Toronto Raptors, as of 2001 are the only Canadian NBA basketball team. The Vancouver Grizzlies, a former NBA team, moved to Memphis in 2001 and became the Memphis Grizzlies. Canada did have two teams--the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies--for a brief time during the late 1990s, but no other Canadian cities currently have an NBA team. Canadians still love basketball and make trips to the United States to see the games. The Toronto Raptors are a renowned team that has attracted large crowds to Scotiabank Arena since 1995. Every year hundreds of Canadians make the trip to the United States for the NBA All-Star Weekend. Canada is home to more than one NBA franchise, thanks to its population of 38 million. Many North Americans have discussed and debated the idea of a second basketball team. The Toronto Raptors, Canada's only representative in the NBA, remain as such.

Canadian Elite Basketball League(CEBL) is a Canadian professional basketball team. The league has six teams from Canada, including the Fraser Valley Bandits (Abbotsford), Edmonton Stingers [Edmonton], Alberta], Guelph Nighthawks—Guelph. Ontario), Hamilton Honey Badgers—Hamilton. Ontario), Saskatchewan Rattlers—Saskatoon. Saskatchewan and the Niagara River Lions—St. Catharines. Ontario). The CEBL is the only professional basketball league operating in Canada currently.

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC), a professional men's basketball team, was in existence from 2011 through 2020. It had eight teams representing eight cities: Moncton (Moncton), Saint John, Cape Breton; Summerside, London; Windsor, Windsor, and Kitchener. The COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of operations at the NBLC in 2020.

Canada also has junior basketball leagues such as the Canadian National Basketball League(CNB), a semiprofessional men’s league based out of Vancouver, BC. CNB includes teams from British Columbia (Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario). Canadian Elite Development League - Another junior basketball league in Canada, the CEDL features teams mostly from the Greater Toronto Area. AC) or the Canadian Youth Basketball League. These leagues allow young basketball players to grow their skills while playing in a competitive environment.


  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (
  • After Thomas attempted to execute a letter of intent with Slaight to purchase the team failed, he resigned from his position in November and sold his 9 percent stake in the team to Slaight. (
  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • As predicted by analysts, the team easily secured a berth in the 2001 NBA playoffs with a franchise-high 47 wins. (

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You'll be fine as long as you follow the rules. It's fine to bring a camera along to an NBA game. It's not illegal. However, it is important to be aware and cautious about the risks.

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