Sunday, Oct 1, 2023

Celebrating Giants of Africa and Nelson Mandela

"Celebrating Mandela- Giving Back To Our Communities"

Tonight, we celebrated Nelson Mandela – one of the world's most influential and celebrated people. Mandela has done so much for human rights and the fight against poverty – it's truly amazing what he has accomplished. As usual, the game against Boston Celtics was dedicated to him.

The players gave back to their communities by donating some of their profits to local charities. During the game, a message was sent out on the jumbotron reminding everyone why we celebrate Mandela each year: “His leadership, courage and determination helped create a better world for all of us. Tonight, we honour him by giving back to our own communities.”

Celebrating Giants of Africa and Nelson Mandela

Basketball Without Borders, Giants of Africa, and Toronto have a lot of players from the African continent. Pascal Siakam, for example, started playing basketball at 16 or 17 years old and now is 28 with an NBA championship ring on his fingers, an All-NBA player twice, and the most improved player once upon a time. He's a role model for any young basketball player out there!