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80 Idiots In Boats Caught On Camera !

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80 Idiots In Boats Caught On Camera !

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Toronto Raptors all-stars did they have?

Eight All-Stars from the Raptors include Vince Carter, Antonio Davis, Chris Bosh, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Kawhi Leonard, Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet. Apart from Davis and VanVleet they all have made it to other NBA teams like Leonard.

What are the Canadian NBA teams?

The Toronto Raptors, as of 2001 are the only Canadian NBA basketball team. From 1995 to 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies was an NBA team. They moved to Memphis and became known as the Memphis Grizzlies. Canada did have two NBA teams during the late 1990s: the Vancouver Grizzlies, and the Toronto Raptors. However, no other Canadian cities have an NBA team. Canadians love basketball, and many travel to the United States to watch games. The Toronto Raptors, a team known for its fame since 1995, continue to attract large crowds at Scotiabank Arena. Many Canadians travel to the United States each year to enjoy the NBA All-Star Weekend. With a population of over 38 million, Canada can have more than one NBA team. Many North American basketball fans debate the possibility of having a second NBA team. The Toronto Raptors continue to be the only Canadian representation within the NBA.

Canadian Elite Basketball League(CEBL) is a Canadian professional basketball team. The league has six teams from Canada, including the Fraser Valley Bandits (Abbotsford), Edmonton Stingers [Edmonton], Alberta], Guelph Nighthawks—Guelph. Ontario), Hamilton Honey Badgers—Hamilton. Ontario), Saskatchewan Rattlers—Saskatoon. Saskatchewan and the Niagara River Lions—St. Catharines. Ontario). The CEBL is Canada's only professional league for basketball.

From 2011 to 2020, there was a professional male basketball league called the National Basketball League of Canada. It was home to eight teams, including those from Halifax, Moncton Saint John and Cape Breton as well as Summerside, London Windsor, Windsor, Windsor and Kitchener. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the NBLC to close its operations in 2020.

Canada has several junior basketball leagues. One example is the Canadian National Basketball League (CNB), which is a semi-professional men’s league that is based in Vancouver. CNB includes teams from British Columbia (Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario). The Canadian Elite Development League (CEDL) is another junior basketball league in Canada that fields teams primarily from the Greater Toronto Area. AC) and the Canadian Youth Basketball League (CYBL). These leagues provide opportunities for young basketball players to develop their skills while competing in a competitive environment.

Which five Raptors have been the most prolific per-game scorers over the past 50 years?

Kawhi Leonard has the highest scoring player on the team with 26.6 points per contest. Vince Carter is next with 23.4 points per minute, Mike James with 20.3, Chris Bosh at 20.2, Chris Bosh and DeMar DeRozan are following with 20.3 points each game.

Vancouver was there a NBA team?

No, Vancouver does not have an NBA team. The Vancouver Grizzlies played in Vancouver from 1995-2001. The team relocated to Memphis Tennessee in 2001. Vancouver's basketball fans now support the Toronto Raptors. They are the closest NBA franchise to the city. There are also other professional basketball teams that play in and around Vancouver, including the BC Tigers of Canada's Elite Basketball League and Vancouver Volcanoes International Basketball League. Numerous amateur and semiprofessional basketball teams participate in various local leagues.

Vancouver has many recreational opportunities for basketball fans. Vancouver Grizzlies Alumni Association aims for former players to get together and promote basketball in British Columbia. This association organizes events like viewing parties for Raptors games or clinics to help young athletes develop their game.

The city's love of basketball has not decreased since the departures of the Grizzlies. And it continues to be a supportive community in numerous ways. Vancouverites are still passionate about basketball and continue to support the many initiatives of former players and other organizations that promote basketball in the city.

When did the Raptors beat the Chicago Bulls?

The Raptors defeated Chicago Bulls in the final round of the 1996 NBA Championship. The final score was 109-108. Michael Jordan attempted a last-second shot to try and win the game for the Bulls, but it did not count because it was after the final buzzer had sounded.


  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • By 2018, estimated the Raptors were worth $1.4 billion, 12th in the NBA. (
  • Thomas named Raptors' GM NBA superstar to have 10% stake in the new franchise". (
  • As predicted by analysts, the team easily secured a berth in the 2001 NBA playoffs with a franchise-high 47 wins. (
  • After Thomas attempted to execute a letter of intent with Slaight to purchase the team failed, he resigned from his position in November and sold his 9 percent stake in the team to Slaight. (

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Is it possible to bring my camera with me to a Raptors' game?

You'll be fine if you stick to the plan and follow the rules. There's nothing wrong with bringing a camera to an NBA game. There is nothing illegal about this. However, it is important to be aware and cautious about the risks.

First, you must consider whether you must take pictures during the game. You don't need a heavy DSLR or smartphone to take great photos as long as you are near the court.

You should also check these tips to improve your basketball photos if sports photography is something you are interested in.

The second thing you need to think about is the kind of camera you're going to use. Because if you're planning on shooting action shots or capturing memorable moments with your friends, you will need a professional-grade camera.

You should also decide how much time and effort you're willing to put into setting up your shot. For instance, if you're going to shoot hoops with your kids, you may want to invest in a tripod and a remote release instead of carrying heavy equipment.

You must also decide where you will store your gear. You cannot expect to set up shop at an arena and then hope someone will hand over a memory stick when you're done. Either pack extra batteries, cables, SD card cards, or locate somewhere to keep your stuff during the game.

You must plan in advance if you want to capture high-quality photographs of sporting events. Doing this will ensure you capture stunning images you can enjoy over and over again.

80 Idiots In Boats Caught On Camera !


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