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Raptors versus Mavs Saturday, November 26th, 2022

Raptors versus Mavs Saturday, November 26th, 2022

The Toronto Raptors are set to take on the Dallas Mavericks tonight, and the odds are not in their favour. The Raptors are struggling with injuries, and the Mavericks are a strong team led by Luka Doncic. If the Raptors want to win, they must come out strong and stay glued to Luka.

On a positive note, Raptors are really good at home with a 6-2 record and having the homecourt advantage tonight against Dallas, only 1-5 on the road, is enormous. The Raptors are currently on a 2-game losing streak, but they keep themselves relevant in the tough Eastern Conference with an overall 9-9 record. Mavs are also coming in with a 2-game losing streak on their own, and they see the Raptors depleted lineup as the perfect opportunity to get back on track. The Raptors are without Ashiuwa, Barnes, Siakam, Porter Jr. and Champagnie. Banton and VAnVleet will also be game-time decisions.

Raptors Do Have The Personal Defensively To Slown Down Luka

The Raptors are in a tight spot tonight against the Mavs. To win, they must focus on shutting down Luka Doncic. If the 21-year-old Slovenian can't produce offense tonight, the Mavs will be in for a long game.

The Raptors have shown they can slow down high-powered offensive forces in the NBA. The last time the Raptors played the Mavericks, Luka Doncic was a force to be reckoned with, and Toronto had trouble stopping him. Well, they get a second chance tonight.

The Raptors Will Have To Come Out Strong And Stay Like Glue To Luka To Have A Chance In This Game

Luka Is Averaging 34 Points Per Game, leading the NBA in Points, and is the early season league's MVP Candidate. The Raptors will have their hands full. The Raptors will have to come out strong to beat the Mavs; If Raptors go down early, it's going to be a touch to climb back in the game. Luka is a formidable opponent, but they can have a chance if the Raptors stick together and stick to Luka like glue.

Raptors Will Have Rely On Creating Turnover And Getting In Transition To Have A Chance Tonight

The Raptors will have to rely on their defense to create turnovers and get out in transition to have a chance against the Mavericks. If they can do these things, they should be able to take advantage of their fast-paced offense and pull off the victory tonight. Raptors fans should be excited to see how the team responds after a tough loss against the Nets.