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Raptors versus Cavs Monday November 28th 2022

Toronto Raptors Versus Cleveland Cavaliers Game Preview

The Toronto Raptors, 10-9, are set to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers, 13-7, tonight in what promises to be an exciting matchup. The Raptors beat the Cavaliers on opening night, but Cleveland has been a tough team to beat this season. Here's what you need to know about the game:

The Raptors are coming off a big win against the Luka's Mavs and will be looking to continue their winning streak against the Cavaliers. The fans will be vital to helping the Raptors get the win, as they have been known to provide a lot of energy and support during games.

The Raptors have been extremely consistent this season when it comes to creating turnovers and getting on the offensive board, ranking second and first in the NBA respectively for those categories.

Nonetheless, this is not an easy matchup for Toronto as the Cavaliers are also a great rebounding team in the association. The Cleveland Cavaliers are a good rebounding team this season, although the numbers are not that great on paper. The team is averaging 43 rebounds per game, putting them in 15th place in the league. This is largely because they're not a good rebounding team when Jared Allen is not in the lineup.

Toronto's half-court offense is ranked last among all other teams in the league. However, they make up for it by turning teams over and getting in transition.

Their defense is one of Toronto's strongest attributes. They can limit opposing teams' scoring opportunities by forcing them into difficult shots or turnovers. Additionally, Toronto's defenders are very athletic and fast, which allows them to keep up with most offenses.

In addition, the Cavs are not great at protecting the ball this season, something that the Raptors will take advantage of. So if Toronto can force them into bad passes and decision-making, they can create easy transition opportunities for themselves.

The key to this game will be containing Donovan Mitchell, who is averaging over 30 points per game. Toronto will need to pressure him and ensure he doesn't get too many open looks. If they can do that, they should be able to come away with the win.

This is sure to be an exciting game and one that could set the tone for the rest of the season.