Sunday, Oct 1, 2023

The Toronto Raptors Exploded from Deep

Raptors' 3-point shooting was on fire last night!

The Toronto Raptors exploded last night from deep. With 19 threes in 51.4 percent shooting, it was one of their most prolific efforts this season.

What made it possible? The Raptors got good looks by making intelligent decisions with ball movement - pushing the pace in transition or looking for open shooters after penetrating the paint. A few lucky shots went their way - Pascal Siakam nailing a 40-footer and Fred VanVleet completing a four-point play come to mind - but overall, it was just good basketball from Toronto.

The Toronto Raptors Exploded from Deep

What was the Raptors' 19-three-point secret last night?

The Toronto Raptors have set a new record-breaking performance in three-point shooting this season. last night, they shot an impressive 51.4% on three-pointers while making a whopping 19 makes, the highest number of makes achieved by the Raptors this season. How the Toronto Raptors sparked success through a sensible three-point shooting strategy?


The first key is trusting your team and staying unselfish. During their best stretches of play, no one player tried to take over or dominate with their individual skills. It was a collective effort with OG hitting 6, Fredy hitting 5, Malachi hitting 3, and Pascal and Gary each hitting a couple of 3-pointers of their own. Everyone was sharing the load, playing in unity and displaying selfless cooperation–the mantra of any winning team. The energy of collective effort truly made the difference–keeping opponents guessing by passing off without greed or hesitation. It worked out beautifully, and their results soared with each individual, keeping the collective goal in mind!

Unselfish decision-making and smart ball movement led to open shooting opportunities for our shooters last night. We need more of this every night.


The Raptors’ confidence level was off the charts last night, and it made a huge difference. Each shot felt good, which showed how they moved the ball around. When it wasn’t OG or Fredy on the perimeter looking for their shots, Pascal or Malachi drove hard to the paint and quickly found open teammates on the wings. Having faith in each other’s abilities, they were ready to take the shots when their teammates found them.

The Toronto Raptors Exploded from Deep


Leadership is essential in team sports; every player has a role, but each carries equal weight and importance. Knowing when to pass, how to draw defenders away or increase ball movement can make all the difference in which plays end up working. Knowing one’s strengths and playing accordingly leads to wins for everyone involved. Recognizing when to pass, taking defenders away or promoting total ball motion can provide this necessary edge for a successful outcome. Last night, the leadership exhibited by Pascal, Fred and OG illustrated exactly this essential idea; Raptors will go as far as their leaders will take them.

Pascal, Fred and OG understand the importance of sacrificing individual goals for the greater good. They showed that last night. This innate understanding of team dynamics and willingness to compromise for success is why their leadership is crucial for a winning Raptors team. The Raptors rely heavily on each other's unique talents. Although every player has an essential role, leaders set the tone and provide direction when it counts most.

The Toronto Raptors Exploded from Deep

Team Work

Teamwork breeds confidence which eliminates any hesitation from players taking action during gameplay. Every member of the Toronto Raptors should know that their contribution matters, leading to precise execution in clutch situations. Together, they can complete what no single player can accomplish alone, creating an unstoppable force on the court.

Unity is an essential aspect of any championship team. It breeds trust, accountability, and confidence that the team will prevail in crucial moments.

Raptors can build a natural rapport to anticipate each other’s movements. Knowing your teammate’s tendencies allows you to execute plays quickly and precisely.

Synergy is vital for perfecting fluid rotations on defence and creating fast-break opportunities on offence. The collective effort allows teams to accomplish more than any player can. As long as the team remains unbroken, there’s no limit to what it can achieve.

The Raptors' gutsy back-to-back wins demonstrate that success is more than just hitting from deep. With their trustful action and sound basketball acumen, the talented team heroically seized victory by sinking an impressive 19 triples last night! Our beloved Raptors have unlocked a new energy level, inspiring them to strive for greatness with more than half of the season remaining. Seizing victory with such heroic fashion is certainly something worth striving for time and time again!