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Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

Who should the Toronto Raptors trade now?

This has been a nightmare season for the Raptors thus far, and unfortunately, there is no indication that it will improve in the near future. While tank mode may be popular for the struggling Toronto Raptors, it is not the best option, given the current situation. It's clear that we're not going to win this season, but we shouldn't tank, even though some fans are insisting on it. That's not part of our culture; that's not who we are.

What we should do, however, is to retool. Now is the time to sharpen focus on maximizing every opportunity available to improve our position ahead of the next season. We need to use this current downtime to get ahead of the competition in the upcoming season.

Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

What does retooling mean for the Raptors?

Retooling can mean different things for different teams, but for the Raptors, it means focusing on current players and making small changes that will improve their chances of success. We still have a lot of young talent with a lot of NBA mileage left in the tank, giving us an edge over other teams in the league. This solid foundation is needed for a championship-level roster built for the long game. It’s time to get creative. Through clever recruitment, potential trades, and modern tactics, we will transform into beasts that know no defeat. We’re not just re-shaping a roster, we're engineering an indomitable force of passion, determination, guts and glory that will take us to victory, once again!

Retooling is not just about acquiring new talent but also doing everything within our power to retain existing personnel. For example, Pascal Siakam may not be getting any younger, but he's proven to be a top-5 player in the NBA this season. Fortunately for us, his loyalties lie with Toronto, so securing his future with the team should take priority over acquiring free agents. We must tap into existing personnel's potential while strategically investing in the future. 

Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

With all the struggles this season, we're almost forced to make a trade now!

It's never easy to let go of something you love, but it’s essential to do so thoughtfully when necessary. As hard as this may be, the reality is that we might have to let go of one of our top 5 guys. Whether that is Fred, Pascal, Scottie, OG or Gary, that will be up to Masai and Bobby, but it's evident that the Raptors are now forced to make a trade with all the recent struggles sooner than most people anticipated. Therefore, the question remains how that should be. So, who would you trade between Pascal, OG, Scottie, Gary or Fred to get something back in return?

Yes, it's tough but it's part of the game!! We have to make the agonizing decision of deciding on who to trade and who to keep. No matter who they decide to part with, careful consideration must be given before making any decisions. That asset might bring them something back in exchange for the trade that could benefit them now and provide long-term gains. Masai has to effectively maximize his trading potential with effective analysis of this team really needs. We know we need shooting and we know our bench is not good enough. These two things need to be addressed immediately by Masai moving forarwrd.

It's difficult to say who the Raptors should trade, as they all have played an integral part in the team’s success and could be influential pieces for a championship run. However, OG Anunoby will likely be the most sought-after asset due to his age, talent, and contract situation. He also provides excellent defence and would fit nicely on a team looking to win in the near future. Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet are also likely to draw interest from teams around the league due to their production and skill set, but OG seems like the most attractive trade piece for potential suitors. However, we can't trade OG; we need him.

Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

So, Who should we trade?

We know this process won't be easy - it involves saying goodbye to players who have given so much to the organization. But with a quick but strategic action plan, we can maintain a competitive advantage while gaining back something valuable.

The key is to keep expectations realistic yet remain creative in our approach. The goal is to figure out a way to maximize value while not letting anybody walk away completely empty-handed. Analyzing what teams are up for deals and weighing the pros and cons of each potential trade will be essential to finding mutual success on both ends.

One can argue that Pascal, OG and Scottie should stay, and we should rebuild around them. OG and Scottie are young, and their time window aligns pretty nicely with each other. Pascal is Pascal, as he is our franchise player now. Even though he's older than OG and Scottie, he's still got years in his NBA prime. In addition, all three guys fit Masai's 6'8"-6'9" vision. Therefore, these three must remain an integral part of the squad no matter what the future holds when decisions on revamping the roster come up.

That would leave Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. for Masai and Bobby. On one hand, Fred VanVleet and Gary Trent Jr. are both crucial pieces of their shooting core and have invaluable skills that need to be kept on the team. On the other hand, both be free agents this summer, and there's always a possibility that they won't return to the Raptors.

It's a tricky situation, but if forced to choose one, it might be wiser to prioritize somebody who has more potential longevity in the franchise — Gary Trent Jr. With his age (only 23 years), he fits better with the Raptors' core of OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Scottie Barnes – assuming those are the players Masai Ujiri plans on keeping anyway.

Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

Our beloved Fred VanVleet might give us the best return at the moment!

As tough as this may sound for a lot of Raptors fans but Fred might be the guy! The Toronto Raptors need to think strategically about the future. Last offseason, the All-star guard turned down a four-year, $114 million contract extension offer from Masai and Bobby and is looking for a big deal in free agency this summer.

VanVleet's numbers across the board are down this season - scoring (18.8), rebounding (4.1), assists (6.2), field goal percentage (37.1 percent), 3-point shooting (32.5 percent). So if the Raptors hope to get something valuable in return for him, they'll have to act fast before his value goes any lower. It may be painful to part with a first-time All-Star like VanVleet, but it may be our best option for setting ourselves up for success in the long run.

Raptors Rebuild: Strategizing For Success

It’s often tricky making personnel decisions like these, especially when uprooting a valuable piece which has been part of your playoff runs since 2016. Still, with careful consideration given to factoring in current performance as well as future possibilities, this will be an opportunity for Raptors management to make the best decision for their organization moving forward.

Trading VanVleet now for something in return, instead of waiting and potentially losing him for nothing next summer, could reveal itself as one of those creative risks that pay big in the long run. This is why now is the time to take creative risks in order to reap big rewards down the line!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Raptors win in 2019 the NBA title?

The Toronto Raptors made a trade for DeMar DeRozan and Jakob Poltl on July 18, 2018. They also traded a 2019 protected draft pick and a DeMar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs.

On February 7, 2019, the Raptors traded Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright C. J. Miles, and a 2024 draft pick to Memphis Grizzlies were traded to Marc Gasol (another multiple All-Star player and former Defensive Player-of-the-Year) and Jeremy Lin shortly thereafter.

The Toronto Raptors' offseason was very exciting. They made two huge trades that caused shockwaves throughout the NBA. DeMar DeRozan was traded first to the Raptors, Jakob Poltl was traded second and a first-round draft pick for 2019 (that was still protected) was sent to San Antonio Spurs. In return, they received Kawhi Lenard and Danny Green from Spurs. Then they traded Jonas Valanciunas to the Spurs and Delon WrightC.J. Miles, along with a 2024 second-round selection to the Memphis Grizzlies, were traded to Marc Gasol--another All-Star and former Defender of the Year. These moves have put the Raptors in a strong position to challenge for the NBA title. Let's look at each trade.

Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Raptors as a risk-reward trade. On the one hand, Leonard is a top-5 player in the league when healthy and is coming off of an MVP-caliber season. He was injured and only played nine games last year, so there are concerns about his long-term well-being. The Raptors decided that the reward outweighed the risk and made the deal. Leonard is healthy so far and has been playing at an All Star level. He is averaging 26 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 assists per game while shooting 49% from the field and 38% from three-point range. If he can keep his health, he will give the Raptors a real shot at winning the NBA title.

Marc Gasol's trade was more a short-term deal than anything else. Gasol is now in his 30s and clearly has reached his peak. He is still a great player and brings valuable experience to the young Raptors team. He averages 15 points and 8 rebounds per game. He also shoots 34% from three point range. The Raptors gave up some young assets in Delon Wright and C.J. Miles was used to acquire Gasol but the Raptors believe his experience will prove valuable in the playoffs.

The Raptors got off to a 6-0 start, winning their 16th game on November 23rd (breaking their franchise record for the best start through 20 games with a 16-4 record); reaching 20 wins quicker than any time in their history when they won 24th game of the season on December 1st against Cleveland Cavaliers; breaking the franchise record for most points scored in franchise history after beating Washington Wizards 140-138 points after double overtime on January 13th. The Raptors took precautions with Leonard and rested him for more 20 games to avoid worsening the injury. They still managed to secure the 2nd seed East, just behind Milwaukee Bucks.

The Raptors were able to continue their winning streak in the playoffs by defeating the Philadelphia 76ers (Orlando Magic), Milwaukee Bucks (Milwaukee Bucks) to reach the NBA Finals. Leonard was named Finals Champion and the Raptors took home their first title.

The Toronto Raptors enjoyed a successful offseason. This has been a huge success. The Raptors are well-positioned to be contenders over the next few years, with two All-Stars. They have proven they can take risks and make bold moves when it comes down to building a championship-caliber team. It will be fascinating to see if they can maintain this level of success in the future.

What number of NBA teams is Canada home to?

The Toronto Raptors were the Canadian NBA's only team in 2001. From 1995 to 2001 the Vancouver Grizzlies had been a NBA team. However, they moved to Memphis to become the Memphis Grizzlies. Canada did have two teams--the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies--for a brief time during the late 1990s, but no other Canadian cities currently have an NBA team. Despite the lack of an NBA team in Canada, Canadians are still avid basketball fans, and many make their way to the United States to catch games. The Toronto Raptors, a team known for its fame since 1995, continue to attract large crowds at Scotiabank Arena. Hundreds of Canadians also travel annually to attend the NBA All-Star Weekend in the United States. Canada can host more than one NBA basketball team with its 38 million population. Many basketball fans in North America have discussed and debated its potential for a second team. The Toronto Raptors will continue to be the only Canadian representative in the NBA.

Canadian Elite Basketball League, (CEBL), is a Canadian-based professional basketball league. This league features six teams, including the Fraser Valley Bandits in Abbotsford, BC, Edmonton Stingers in Edmonton, Alberta, Guelph Nighthawks in Guelph Ontario, Hamilton Honey Badgers and Saskatchewan Rattlers in Saskatchewan. The Niagara River Lions are located at St. Catharines, Ontario. The CEBL is the only professional basketball league operating in Canada currently.

The National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC), a professional men's basketball team, was in existence from 2011 through 2020. It was home to eight teams, including those from Halifax, Moncton Saint John and Cape Breton as well as Summerside, London Windsor, Windsor, Windsor and Kitchener. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NBLC was forced to cease operations in 2020.

Canada also has junior leagues like the Canadian National Basketball League, which is a semiprofessional men's basketball league located in Vancouver, BC. CNB includes teams from British Columbia (Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario). The Canadian Elite Development League (CEDL) is another junior basketball league in Canada that fields teams primarily from the Greater Toronto Area. AC) and the Canadian Youth Basketball League (CYBL). These leagues offer young basketball players the chance to improve their skills and compete in a friendly environment.

Which five Raptors have been the most prolific per-game scorers over the past 50 years?

Kawhi Leonard is the most prolific scorer of the team with 26.6 per game. Vince Carter follows with 23.4, Mike James (with 20.3), Chris Bosh (20.2), and DeMar DeRozan (20.2).


  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (
  • In November of the 1996–97 season, Bitove sold his ownership interest in the team to Slaight for $65 million after Slaight had activated a shotgun clause in their partnership agreement,[32][33] giving Slaight 79 percent control of the team, [34] (
  • Thomas named Raptors' GM NBA superstar to have 10% stake in the new franchise". (
  • After Thomas attempted to execute a letter of intent with Slaight to purchase the team failed, he resigned from his position in November and sold his 9 percent stake in the team to Slaight. (
  • This improved during the 2006–07 regular season to an average of 18,258 fans (13th in the league), 92.2 percent capacity at the Air Canada Centre. (

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Toronto Raptors games typically take place on weekdays between April and October. Weekends are usually reserved for concerts and festivals.

It is best to reserve tickets early as they are likely to sell quickly.

Wednesday is the most popular date to attend a Toronto Raptors match. Because many fans arrive early to see pregame warmups, this is a popular day to attend a Toronto Raptors game.

After the game, fans head over to Nathan Phillips Square, next door to the ACC. They stay there till the end of game.

The best time to visit a Toronto Raptor game is after 8 pm. The best time to visit a Toronto Raptor game is after 8 pm. Fans are welcome to return to celebrate the team’s victory.

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